STEP VFFS V520.1 and STEP VFFS V520.2 +

STEP VFFS V520.1 and STEP VFFS V520.2

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A VFFS bagging machine which operates at a high level of flexibility, ideal for the packaging needs of various industries such as Food, Cosmetics, Pet Foods, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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STEP VFFS V520.1 and STEP VFFS V520.2 are VFFS Bagging Machines which has a high output capacity, built with high end components, this mahine is very durable and works efficiently and quietly. Equipped with PLC/Mitsubishi and Servo/Panasonic motors, the speed maybe varied according to product filling volume requirement, uses Pneumatic as Sealing for secured and tight bagging. Can be used with Gas Flushing, Label Printing, Gussets, Vacuum Packing Machine and options plus so much more according to your specification. Suitable for Small to Large scale Packaging operations.


  •          PLC with HMI Touch Screen Control
  •          Large Size range
  •          Integrated Temperature Control
  •          Eye mark Sensor
  •          Servo Driven Film Feeding System
  •          Pneumatic Film Pulling and Cross Sealing
  •          Programmable for 99 Programs
  •          Full Synchronization for Various Dosing System
  •          Easy Parts Replacement
  •          Equipped with Safety Guard

STEP VFFS V520-1 and STEP VFFS V520-2 Specs

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