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E3 Wrap 2100 PLUS wrapper - Pre stretch

E3. The ECOFRIENDLY option. Specially designed cores save 22% in weight & 60% in volume during transport. Think CO2 savings, think E3. Placing pallets directly on the floor the E3 is ergonomic for you & economic for your wallet! Free 24/7 service hotline call first 3 months from purchase


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18 000,00 DKK

The E3 Wrap series is the wrap machine for you looking for semi automated packaging solution that is enspired by sustainable living. With 95% renewable materials in our light weight design we have made it our vision to design for the environment. 

The included aggregate PLUS 25 can stretch the film up to 25% extra, allows a tighter wrap of the film around the pallet. Stretching the plastic film also means saving material as it will last longer! 

Pallet height
Choose pallet height best suited for your needs or contact us for customization. 

The E3 Wrap 2100 PLUS 25 is ideal for you that wrap 25-500 pallets per week and is compatible wrapping standard pallets:

Euro pallet        800x200 mm
US pallet         1000x1200 mm
Industrial pallet 1350x950 mm 

110 V to 230 V, 50 Hz

No ramp/ turn plate is needed which means - No pushing or pulling the pallet up a hill. No rolling away!
The pallet can be placed directly on floor - no maximum weight limit! With a built in safety feature the machine will secure stop if you or your workers would get in the way of the rotating arm when in motion. The light design takes up very little space compared to other products on the market with same capacity.
 Adding a top film dispenser your pallet will be protected from moisture on top of pallet as well. See Accessories.

To help you get the most out of your machine include a service contract to make sure your machines has a long life span.The E3 Wrap 2100 PLUS 25 comes without installation. If Installation or/ and a service contract is desired please contact us for further information on price and conditions. We offer:

1 service visit per year, 24 month contract


Sal-Tech Live Chat

Tel.: +45 7027 2220