STEP ATL-106 Square Shapes and Dog Bags Labelling Machine

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Semi-automatic labelling machine perfect for squared-shaped, irregular-shaped bottles, doy bags, and paper coding. This enhances labelling operation speeding from 20 up until 40 bottles per minute. Securing accuracy and swiftness of processes for increased productivity.

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STEP ATL-106 is a labelling machine for irregular bottles at high speed. This uses manual feeding of 1 bottle per cycle. An option of printing content before labelling is available. As for the maximum out-net label roll and maximum in-net label roll, they are φ300mm and φ76mm, respectively. Cutting-edge design for a technologically-advancing business.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Compact Design: A compact and innovative design that ensures effectivity and added efficiency in the warehouse
2. Accuracy: Provides exactness in labelling requirements and consistency in operation
3. Speed: Improves labelling production rate at speed of up to 40 bottles per minute
4. Suitable for Square Shaped or Irregularly Shaped Bottles, Doy Bag and Paper Coding
5. Feeding: Manual feeding, 1 bottle per cycle and labeled on bottle body
6. Stamping: Ribbon coder is used. Printing content before labelling is an option


Dimension (Standard), HxWxL

520mm x 315mm x 510mm


20 – 40 bottles/minute

Manual in-feed bottles

Max Out-net Label Roll


Max In-net Label Roll


Label Size

W15mm – 100mm, L20mm – 320mm

Bottle Diameter

φ25mm – φ100mm

Speed of Label Roll Consumption

10 M/minute

Power Supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz, 200W


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