STEP A-50P Side and Top Belts Driven Carton Sealer

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STEP A-50P is a basic carton sealer which is suitable to secure heavy carton boxes. This is installed with both top and side belt as well as a safety system that could prevent damages and injuries during operation. Ensuring that goods are tightly closed tailored to business needs.

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STEP A-50P is a primary carton sealer that has an installed top and side belt. It is made intricately with imported parts, that is also guaranteed high in quality for sealing processes. An equipment designed to work on securing heavy-loaded cartons, STEP A-50P also has options on steel and stainless-steel type for instance where machine will be put on humid environments.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Quality Components: Electrical and pneumatic parts are of high standard quality, imported
2. Side Belt Driven
3. Top Belt Driven
4. Adjustable Carton Size: Height and width for scaling is modifiable, suitable for several carton sizes
5. Safety System: Injuries from stabs by cutter is prevented with the installed safety system
6. Steel and Stainless-Steel Types
7. Compatible for heavy carton sealing requirements


Dimension (LWH)

1020mm x 900mm x 1350mm





Conveyor Speed

20 meters per minute

Packing Size Maximum (LWH)

L ∞mm X W500mm x H500mm

Packing Size Minimum (LWH)

L 150mm x W 150mm x H 150mm

Power Supply

110/220-240V 50/60Hz 1P

Adhesive Tape Width

40mm / 60mm / 75mm




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