STEP JDC 16 Strapping Hand Tool

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STEP JDC 16 is a strapping tool equipped with battery and a lightweight design providing assurance when it comes to portability and easy use. Engineered particularly matching 16mm wide PP and/or PET straps.

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Robust and reliable as it seals using friction hot melt safekeeping product to be distributed. With an alloy housing, it gives extra credit when it comes to being movable. It also eases the process of strapping since it is light weight. Appropriate with PP and/or PET straps that measures 16mm in width.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Lightweight Mass: Robust design attributable to its alloy housing and quality plastics for an excellent performance
2. Friction and Welding Seal: Fastens using friction hot melt for a stronger seal
3. Safe to Use: Highly safe for operators use with a simple user interface
4. Battery Powered: Equipped with a Lithium battery, this tool can be easily used without direct electrical power every time
5. Portable: With its lightweight material weighing 3.16kg, it can be transported whenever, wherever required without difficulty
6. Suitable for 16mm strap width



JDC 16


Blackish Green

Strap Size Requirement:

Width: 16mm


Thickness: 0.5mm – 1.2mm

Strap Requirement:

PP or PET Straps are applicable

Tension Force:

2800N (Maximum)

Machine Weight:



340mm x 130mm x 120mm


Lithium battery 3.0A/h12VCD


100V, 245CAC, 50-60Hz

DC12.6V = 4.0A

Charging Time:

90 minutes of charging can strap 100 – 220 loops


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