STEP TP-702P Automatic Strapping Machine with Pneumatic Press

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STEP TP-702P is an automated PP strapping machine equipped with Pneumatic Press feature. Best suitable for strapping materials/goods/products that can be compressed such as cardboard boxes, Papers/Magazines, and others.

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STEP TP-702P comes with a Dual Pneumatic Press function for compressing produce and strapping such efficiently and effectively. This equipment helps secures overall bundling productivity in the warehouse by eliminating downtime on coil change and strap end ejection. A compact design with motors that is German-made which also requires less maintenance, reducing cost.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Strapping Head: Strapping head is crafted without belts, clutches, or pulleys but uses the latest motor technology providing reliability and accuracy. A compact design requiring less maintenance and cost due to its fewer components.
2. Dual Pneumatic Press
3. Free Access to Strap Guides: This feature enables fast access to strap guides making a friendly design for maintenance
4. Waist-High Auto Strap Feeding: Robotically feeding strap from the upper side of coil
5. Waist-High Quick Coil Change: Makes coil change fast and efficient, eliminating downtime
6. Turnable Operating Control Panel: This makes PLC Control easier as it may be accessed from both front and back. Seen on upper right side of machine
7. Automatic Strap Ejector: Disregards and eliminates unnecessary straps for when machine is powered accidentally then eradicates downtime
8. Dispenser Release Switch: Installed to have strap feeding from strap dispenser simpler
9. Sensor Controlled Heater: Sealing feature is sensor controlled guaranteeing consistency, quality, and productivity
10. Low Voltage: All motors are of low voltage, hence safer for use
11. Strap End Ejector: Automatic strap ejectors helps in eliminating downtime as it dispels unnecessary straps mechanically
12. Front Foot Bar Switch: Ergonomic design for easy machine operation
13. Modifiable Table Height: Adjustable table height between 820mm and 920mm





Strap Type



Strap Size


5mm, 6mm, 9mm


44 straps/minute

47 straps/minute

Tension Range

1kg – 45kg

1kg – 32kg

Machine Weight



Electrical Requirement

230V 50Hz, 1P Siemens Plug or Request for Other Voltage Version

• Photo-eye Switch
• Rear Foot Bar Switch
• Foot Pedal Switch
• Lower Adjustable Table Height of 770mm – 820mm
• Stainless Steel Frame

Available in different models:
STEP TP-702CE High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine
STEP TP-702RS High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine for Round and Small Products